Where has the Lumaudis story really begun?


The 'Lumaudis seed' was planted all the way back in the 90's when a good friend of mine got me a present - Opus 3 Records album 'Tiny Island'. This recording has profoundly changed my outlook on how music we listen to at our homes should or even - must sound. The influence of this masterfully recorded and produced album took some time to come to a full bloom from the initial stage of, as I call it, audiophilia passiva, to taking a more proactive role – beginning to record and produce myself. At this stage two very special people played a crucial role – Mr Jan-Eric Persson (founder of Opus 3 Records and producer&sound engineer of the above mentioned 'Tiny Island' album) and maestro Tomislav Fačini.

Jan-Eric was (and still is) my 'guru' on all that has to do with music production and who patiently guided me through my music production beginnings. Tomislav, a brilliant conductor and person without whose understanding, belief and support I would have never dared tapping into these waters. When I presented my idea of setting up a music label to Tomislav he was immediately enthusiastic about it, without a slightest hesitation or doubt. The first 'newborn' that came as a result of this idea was Antiphonus Ensemble that Tomislav and myself founded back in 2008. So it is fair to say that, in a way, Antiphonus was a founding stone of Lumaudis label. What was to follow has exceeded all my expectations - collaborations with some amazing artist like Nuria Rial, Krešimir Stražanac, Pavao Mašić, Dmitry Sinkovsky, Edin Karamazov, Boris Andrianov, just to name a few. I am sure you will see some of these names appearing in Lumaudis catalogue in the coming years.

Lumaudis has officially become a label in 2014. with involvement of two other partners that I have brought on board. In October 2020 Lumaudis has turned a new page and is now under command of a single captain - my humble self. This change also meant that Lumaudis catalogue was reduced to a single release but, as many music connoisseurs have confirmed, the most significant one – Ne le tue braze/U tvoje ruke performed by Antiphonus ensemble. I am confident that Lumaudis can now finally turn to its original postulates and philosophy and entertain projects with an approach to music that was sidetracked over the past period. 

A new and joyful beginning for Lumaudis is here! I hope you will join us on this wondrous journey.

News are soon to follow, in the mean time I invite you to enjoy our somewhat lonely, but nevertheless unique release in many ways – Ne le tue braze/U tvoje ruke.



Marin Fulgosi